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Windsor Girls Growl™ Writers & Pawsonalities

Julie B.
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Kelly W.
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Kim S.
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Laurel R.
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Lisa L.
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Lisa M.
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Lynne R.
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Micky G.
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Sylvia V.
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Windsor Girls Growl™ Development Team

CreatorSylvia Vander Schee
Creative DirectorLisa L.
EditorLisa M.
WebmasterLaurel R. (Alphabet Salad Productions)
Twitter LiaisonKim S. (@windsorgrowlas)

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A Bit of Background

Windsor Girls Growl™ was conceived in the mind of Sylvia Vander Schee following an enthusiastic post-book club discussion (over food and drinks, of course!) about favourite places to dine in Windsor, Ontario.

Still a relative newcomer to the city and eager to experience its culinary delights for herself, Sylvia rapidly jotted down her friends’ suggestions for future reference. When the conversation evolved into exploring the possibility of the group getting together for dinner at some later date, the wheels in Sylvia‘s head started to turn. The very next day a Facebook group was formed, the first event (or “Growl”) was planned, and Windsor Girls Growl™ was born!

PastaFrom its founding in May, 2012 until December of the same year, Windsor Girls Growl™ hosted eight official monthly Growls; as well, group members (AKA “Growlers”) regularly met together at points in between for eating, entertainment, and enjoying each other’s company. Food and drinks were consumed, fun was had, and friendships were developed… and 2013 arrived with Windsor Girls Growl™ going strong and looking ahead to another year of adventures in eating.

The Windsor Girls Growl™ blog was developed in early 2013 out of a desire to extend the group’s fun to a whole new level, to support local businesses, and to provide valuable information to fellow Windsorites and foodies by sharing the Growlers’ unique insights into their dining and social experiences.

Martini with OlivesWhether you’re a friend, family member, foodie, Windsor business owner, Windsorite, or just an interested reader, we’re glad you’re here.

Here’s to further adventures in eating!

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Images (Julie B.‘s and Lisa L.‘s user pics) courtesy of dusky / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image (Lynne R.‘s user pic) courtesy of Piyachok Thawornmat / FreeDigitalPhotos.net