Q. How did Windsor Girls Growl™ get started? And who keeps it going?

A. Check out the story on our “About” page for background on the birth of both the group AND the blog. Along with the story you’ll find the names of our development team as well as links to our group members’ “Growler Pawsonality” profiles and writing. (New writers will be added as new reviews are posted, so keep checking back!)

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Q. You Growlers have so much fun together! May I join Windsor Girls Growl™?

A. You’re right – we DO have a lot of fun together! While we wish everyone who would like to get involved could join this fantastic group of women, Windsor Girls Growl™ membership is currently at its max. But never fear! There are plenty of other ways for you to “virtually” share our experiences! You can:

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Q. OK, so even if I can’t join Windsor Girls Growl™, can I learn your lingo?

A. You sure can! All sorts of definitions may be found on our “Glossary” page – and keep checking back, as our language is always evolving and expanding!

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Q. Can I just start a Growl of my own?

A. We are flattered that women everywhere want to join us in our adventures! While the “Growl” name and all its pieces are copyrighted (see “The Fine (Paw) Print” for details), we encourage you to start your OWN supper club wherever you are, using your own new and original name. And when you do, we’d love to hear about it – please let us know so we can follow YOU!

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Q. Who (or what!) is Growla?!

A. We thought you’d never ask! A description – and a picture – of our beloved mascot is featured at the very top of our “Glossary” page.

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