The official mascot of Windsor Girls Growl™, originally a pink, knife-and-fork-wielding, papier-mâché piñata monster created by Sylvia Vander Schee in 2012 and stuffed with goodies for Lisa M.’s birthday celebration.

Growler, Growlita
(used interchangeably)

An official member of Windsor Girls Growl™; one who Growls.

Growl (noun)

A monthly dining experience involving Growlers.

Our first Growl was held at The Cook’s Shop on May 31, 2012.

Growl (verb)

To partake of a dining experience at a Windsor and Surrounding Area restaurant as a Growler.

In December 2012, we growled at Palenque, a delicious Mexican restaurant in Pillette Village.

Mini Growl

Dining and entertainment experiences which occur in between official monthly Growls and include any number of Growlers.

Growler at Large

A lone Growler who partakes in a Mini Growl and wishes to review, and share with others, her dining or entertainment experience.

5-Paw Rating System

Similar to the 5-Star rating system, Windsor Girls Growl™ uses Growla’s paw print to rate our restaurant choices on a sliding scale where 1 paw is poor and 5 paws is exceptional.


Refers to the Windsor Girls Growl™ Pledge of Allegiance regarding the need for RSVPing to Growl events.

Assume the Growla position (raise your knife and fork) and repeat after me.

“I promise to do my duty by Growla and my fellow Growlers and RSVP to each event by no later than the day prior to the event, and to confirm whether or not I will definitely be attending the event by no later than the day prior to the event, so that adequate reservations may be made. I am a Growler, and I will RSVP, nom nom nom, food, nom.”


The epitome of an unbelievably incredible sensory experience.

The pecan pie at Sweet T’s is growlicious and not to be missed!


An individual Growler’s unique blend of character traits, interests, and dining preferences.

On the Growl

Out on the town taking part in the act of growling.

The girls were on the growl last night at Motorburger.

The Official Tasting Fork

A very special telescoping fork (all the better to taste from others’ plates!) which was presented to Sylvia V. by Lisa L. while on the growl at Motorburger. The accompanying note read:

Sylvia, this is a special gift for you to hold and cherish, as the creator of Windsor Girls Growl.

Should you choose to share your gift, it is my intention that you bestow it to the Growlita (only for the evening) who is reviewing our dining experience.

You will see its many virtues!