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Kim S.


By Kim S.


Image courtesy of William Poisson

Gourmet burgers mean gourmet prices, but the splurge is worth it. GpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeFade
Quirky and modern, I dig the irreverent vibe in Motorburger, particularly the airborne cows wall art. GpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-Whole
Fast and friendly, our server gets an A+. GpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-Whole
I’ve never been able to do what the Motorburger fellows do with some chickpeas, seeds, and spices. My hat is off to them. GpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-Whole
Eating area, dishes, etc. were all spotless. GpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-Whole

Broads and Burgers.

Once upon a time, there existed a sort of Italian restaurant called NOI. The food was divine, the overall vibe of the place sleek and sexy. It was the type of place you might find in a more bustling metropolis, and I must admit I felt a bit spoiled the few times I was fortunate enough to dine there. (I still have dreams about the sweet potato ravioli, no word of a lie.)

NOI was upscale. NOI was expensive. The economic downturn of 2008/2009 induced owners Jay Souilliere and Gino Gesuale to take the restaurant in a slightly different, perhaps more mainstream (but still delicious!) direction. What could possibly be more mainstream than a burger? Thus, Motorburger was born, and the rest is history.


Image courtesy of William Poisson

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Motorburger is located on Erie Street, Windsor’s “Little Italy” corridor. The place announces itself with a neon light bordered sign, somehow both modern and retro. A well-stocked bar to your left as you enter, some cozy booth seating, and “undone” industrial lighting all lend to the casual atmosphere. I love the cheeky wall art featuring a car and some airborne cows. Motor. Burger. Get it?


Image courtesy of William Poisson


Image courtesy of William Poisson

Windsor Girls Growl™ visited Motorburger on February 20, 2013. Our group was seated at a long table at the back of the restaurant where we had a full view of the kitchen and its inner workings. Our waiter was attentive and friendly, rushing about and answering all of our wine- and non-wine-related questions as they came up.

The menu offers a wide variety of constructed-from-scratch burgers, hand-cut fries (regular and sweet potato), and “green movement” salads, and everything has a cute car-themed name. I’m such a sucker for a good theme.


Image courtesy of William Poisson

I ordered the “Smart Veg-Engine” burger and a side salad consisting of baby spinach, dried cranberries, cashews, and goat cheese. The Smart Veg-Engine, which is topped with all the usual burger fixins and a “curry motor sauce” and served on a small cutting board with a scoop of coleslaw, was filling and flavourful, the salad fresh and vibrant. It’s all pretty as a picture, really!


Image courtesy of William Poisson

Truth is, I’m a bit biased when it comes to Motorburger. I tend toward more herbivorous choices, and they serve the best veggie burger I’ve ever tasted in all my veggie-burger tasting years. Countless home cooking attempts to duplicate what the cooks at Motorburger do with chickpeas, seeds, and curry sauce have not come close. Nor have I ever been able to make the magic in a martini glass that is the lovely cosmopolitan the MB bartender shakes up.


Image courtesy of William Poisson

Also on the topic of the bar, the blueberry beer has too much of an aftertaste to win this non-beer-drinker over, but the craft ales brewed on-site are a neat, unique feature and worth giving a try, particularly if you happen to be a beer connoisseur.

Prices at this gourmet burger joint are on the higher side, and a cocktail will set you back seven to eight dollars, but, as a once-in-a-while splurge sort of place, Motorburger earns high marks with this Growl gal.


Image courtesy of William Poisson


Image courtesy of William Poisson

Kim S.‘s Overall Rating
Delicious burgers*, a cool, relaxed vibe, great music.
(*N.B. – For the more carnivorous among us, my husband swears by the Deux Chevaux burger!)


Comments from fellow Growlers
Lynne R. said: “I decided to have the Motorburger Classic since I assumed it should have been their signature burger. It was ok. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t outstanding either. They do a sort of grilled bun that was kind of greasy for my liking. The fries were hand cut and not bad. A little overcooked and more money than I thought they were worth. I would go back and try the El Camino burger as that was the one that appealed to me the most when I read the menu. I have had better burgers in town, for sure. Shotz Burgers at Jonny Shotz are generally one of my fav’s.”

Lisa M. said: “I ordered the caprese salad as a side and found it rather salty, but the arugula, tomatoes and zucchini were very fresh. The veggie burger was amazing! I’m not a huge burger fan, but I’d definitely go back again. My one pet peeve of the evening was that the water glasses were miniscule. I drink a LOT of water with my meal, and would have preferred a supersized glass to go along with the huge burger. Can’t fault portion sizes in the food though! There was definitely value for your buck.”


Image courtesy of William Poisson

Laurel R. said: “I thought that the spicy cheese sauce on our nacho appetizer was unexpected and SO delicious. For dinner I ordered the Lamb-orghini (ground fresh lamb, sundried tomato tapenade, goat cheese, mixed lettuce) and found it to be fresh, incredibly flavourful, and HUGE! It came with a side of coleslaw (tasty), and I added an order of the house cut french fries on the side (crisp and yummy) along with the avocado chipotle dipping sauce (not really noteworthy, in my opinion – next time I’d try the roasted garlic maple). My deep fried cheesecake with ice cream and berries was a lovely finale to a great evening. It’s a little on the pricier side of things, but the fun atmosphere and quality food would definitely bring me back to Motorburger for a future visit.”

Sylvia V. said: “The El Camino Mexican pork burger rocked my world. So did the décor. I loved the neon sign! My New Yorker (Manhattan) was watered down with ice, but the lemon mousse was a heavenly way to end the meal. Pricey, yes. But I think my husband will stomach the good value just as soon as I can get him there.”


Image courtesy of William Poisson

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  • Lorraine Maillé Simon via Facebook February 21, 2013, 10:07 pm

    OMG, does THAT look scrumptious!!!! I want to be a Growl Girl too! 🙁

  • Sylvia Vander Schee via Facebook February 21, 2013, 11:43 pm

    I wish you could, too, Lorraine!
    Maybe sometime you can come as a guest!

  • micky g February 22, 2013, 7:26 am

    I liked the various options offered-burgers from beef, pork, lamb, chicken as well as a gluten-free bun option. The fries are stated to be trans fat free & a sweet potato fry is available as well. The decor is trendy and our server was very personable. I ordered one of their spiked shakes, and it was wonderful.


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