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Sylvia V.

Akasaka Sushi

By Sylvia V.


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I love surprise dinners out!

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Tonight I had the unexpected opportunity to try Akasaka Sushi at 1071 Lesperance Road in Tecumseh. We were a party of three and, just as I hoped, my friend Lauren was serving. The restaurant felt inviting and authentic the minute we walked in. We were seated at an intimate table off to the side where we could see the whole restaurant but enjoy some privacy.

There were intriguing details to absorb while we settled in, such as fresh flowers, paper lanterns, parasols, and floating wall panels. The owner of the restaurant was at the sushi bar, hopping around enthusiastically making the orders. We could tell from a distance that he was doing what he loved – an artist painting his masterpiece.

It’s obvious that Lauren likes working there, too. She was happy to see us and seemed happy to serve us. She sensed that we were up for adventure and open to anything she might bring us. She gave us some time with the menus and brought us some drinks.

Sushi RollsThe menus are FUN. There are pictures of everything and it all looks scrumptious.

We chose four appetizers to share: avocado tempura, tuna sashimi, edamame, and soft shell crab tempura. While we waited for those we were served complimentary miso soup and super fresh house salad with sesame dressing.

The appetizers were brought in good time, at perfect temperature, and in generous portions.

Lauren helped us choose our main. We wanted a chef’s selection of sushi, sashimi, and some lobster. First she brought us the Lobster Sensation roll which was even better than it sounds. It was huge, warm, delicious, and topped with a combination of spicy tuna, caviar and sweet sauce.

Bacon Rolls Topped with CaviarWe followed with a chef’s platter for two – a combination of sushi and sashimi. A side note about this: there was a hint of wasabi in between all of the sushi pieces and the rice. Not being a wasabi lover, I would know for next time to ask the chef to omit the wasabi. Other than that, everything was fabulous.

We got to try white tuna, snapper with lemon, shrimp, salmon sashimi, and tuna roll. Since it was a platter meant for two instead of three, we still had room to try all three desserts: apples, bananas, and red bean tempura. It was like giving candy to a baby.

By the time we were finished, we were in a state of food euphoria. We were so happy that we asked to see the menu again so that we could plan our next meal there. Honestly, I don’t think it would matter what you ordered at Akasaka. It would all be just as great as what we had tonight. I would recommend it to any sushi lover anywhere, anytime. However, a word to the cost conscious: this is not your typical all-you-can-eat sushi bar. You’ll pay significantly more, but you’ll get what you pay for.

This Growlita gives Akasaka 5 paws. I hope you get to try it. I’d love to hear about your experience.

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  • Laurel R.
    May 23, 2013, 10:23 am

    I’m having a hard time finding really good sushi here in Windsor (at least in comparison to what we used to get back in Victoria), so I’m always keen to try out a new restaurant. So far Hikari is probably my favourite, but Akasaka sounds wonderful – I will definitely have to try it!
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