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Kelly W.

Niko Sushi

By Kelly W.


Niko Sushi Vegetable Noodle – Image courtesy of Kelly W.

After being somewhat stood up by a girlfriend (she had a better offer… he’s 4 months old and adorable, AKA sitter issue) I decided to stick with our original plan and head to Niko Sushi for dinner. After all, the table for two would just as easily and if not more so accommodate a party of one. I’ve been exploring the world of dining out alone more and more recently and have found that Niko Sushi is a perfect spot to enjoy your own company and people watch. This is mostly due to the restaurant having a large diversity of patronage and the door is constantly opening and closing mostly due to their take out business. They have some intimate tables for two (three at a squash) where I was seated which are perfect for dining alone where there is nothing worse than to be seated at a big empty table.

Bacon Rolls Topped with CaviarI was surprised that the dining room was so busy for a Tuesday night, almost a full house except for some counter seating at their bar which was not utilized. Throughout my meal I noticed a steady turn around of tables – it’s definitely a Tecumseh dining hot-spot and so I’d recommend calling ahead to inquire about a reservation or being sure to arrive early, especially if you were intending to visit on a Friday or Saturday night. My server was friendly and helpful – the restaurant was very busy, so in light of this service was a little delayed but to be expected.

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Niko Sushi is located at 10 Amy Croft Drive in Tecumseh, just off Manning Road, north of E.C. Row Expressway. It has ample parking and is close to many Tecumseh amenities (Lakeshore Cinema, Tecumseh Golf, On the Green/Water/Beach to name a few).

Your first impression will likely be, “Wow, this is a heavy door.” Your biceps may get a workout trying to door wrestle to get inside (or perhaps that’s just because my upper body arm strength is severely lacking). The dining room is quite small with all available space being utilized. Tables farthest away from the entrance offer a view of the Sushi Chef’s rolling and preparing orders. I did notice that my table had some dings and scratches but that’s of course only because it’s such a well frequented establishment. The décor matches the theme of the restaurant in an upscale way; it wouldn’t be my first choice for a romantic dinner date.

Sushi RollsIf I had to choose one thing that stands out to me about the food at Niko Sushi it would hands down be freshness of ingredients. I have never ordered anything here which has not exceeded my expectations. In part this is due to everything being made and prepared on site and their in-house sauces and dressing. The salad dressing that they make is delicious (carroty, oniony, garlicy goodness) and their Niko Sauce is quickly turning into a local phenomenon – it’s divine. What’s in it? How can we make it? If you can provide an answer to either question please leave it in the comment section below. Rumour has it that the recipe is highly confidential, a proprietary process perhaps and closely guarded secret where the staff do not even know how it’s made! This secretive and special sauce is made daily by the restaurant proprietor.

sushiPortion sizes are above average and their ingredients are fresh, plentiful, and delicious. I find their menu to be very well priced. I’ve never attempted sushi at home and as hard as I try, I can never recreate the same flavours in my stirfries. My current favourite is their Vegetable Noodle dish which is jam packed with fresh veggies – carrot, cabbage, mushroom, onion, pepper, and bean sprouts to name a few. The noodles are plentiful and hearty. I have also tried many of their small, big, and special rolls and although I have my favourites and preferences there are none that I do not like. The only area of their paper menu to which I have limited exposure is the Sushi and Sashimi section.

Some additional and random comments regarding Niko Sushi would be:

  • If ordering takeout, it’s best to allow a maximum of 45 minutes for preparation. I have called ahead by a couple of hours and asked for my order to be ready at a certain time which has been accommodated.
  • Pick up only, they do not offer delivery.
  • If you have a party of three or more be sure to get there early or try and secure a reservation. I’ve squashed three at their tables for two and although it’s doable it can be restrictive.

Niko Sushi is one of my absolute FAVOURITE restaurants. I eat in or take out at least every two weeks and am never disappointed.

Kelly W.‘s Overall Rating GpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-WholeGpawRating-Whole

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  • Lisa M. October 8, 2013, 3:33 pm

    I had the pleasure of dining at Niko Sushi with Kelly W. and Kim J. prior to seeing a movie at Lakeshore Cinema and was very thankful Kelly had suggested this restaurant for it is one of the better sushi places in the area. The sushi roles were a substantial size and fresh and tasty. My only criticism is that when the food was delivered, the wait staff neglected to bring a bottle of soy sauce. I had to purloin my own from a table that had only just been vacated by other diners. However, the restaurant was crazy busy so it was likely just an oversight. I look forward to returning and perusing their menu in more depth as we were quite rushed for time the night I dined there.


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