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Julie B.

Julie B.

Growler Pawsonality

Simple and real. No need to complicate things. Good food and good company is what it’s all about with Julie B. She finds joy in cooking and sharing a meal with family and friends, and the lively conversation that comes along with it. When dining out, ambiance and presentation is an important part of her experience – but it’s the quality of the food and the devotion that went into preparing it that will keep her coming back for more. Some of Julie’s favorite foods that she seeks out regularly are ethnic cuisine, frothy chai lattes, and anything sinfully sweet. Coffeehouses and cafés are her favorite gems to find. While on her travels Julie keeps her eyes open to find that “one of kind” place that makes her feel right at home. Julie B.’s favorite restaurants in Windsor so far are: World Marathon, Bacio Café, and Tabouli.

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