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Kelly W.

Kelly W.

Growler Pawsonality

In an attempt to overhaul her self-proclaimed “bland English palate” Kelly W. is embarking on a foray into flavour and a submersion in spice. A 21-day experimentation with veganism inspired by documentaries such as “Veducated” and “Time for Change” has stuck – for the time being – and changed the way food is viewed by this Growlita. The benefits she has discovered from a clean and unprocessed diet makes freshness of ingredients and an abundance of plant-based foods high on her priority list. Like Sylvia V., Kelly W. appreciates restaurants high on style and service. She loves nothing more than to dress up for date night, but has found that an abundance of ambiance seems to result in a lack of flavour and value for money. This has led to a current appreciation and patronage of ethnic establishments. You will most likely find her overdressed and dining at World Marathon, El Mayor, Niko Sushi, Palenque, Taloola, The Twisted Apron, and Simply Thai. Kelly W plans to introduce herself to Indian, Somali, Iraqi, and Malaysian cuisine in the not too distant future.

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