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Lisa L.

Lisa L.

Growler Pawsonality

You’ll find nothing bland with Lisa L., a true foodie who loves big flavours and savory dishes that make her tastebuds dance. Lisa has an ardent interest in food and is one of the home cooks of the group. You will often find the Food Network on her TV and cookbooks galore with pages flagged for the next kitchen adventure. She likes a pretty package and nice décor, but it’s really all about the food for her – give her something packed with taste and made with love. She is someone who will order the appetizer and most often skip dessert – no sweet tooth there. Lisa admits that she may not know gourmet food, but she knows good food. Lisa L.’s favorite places in Windsor so far are: The Cook’s Shop, The Keg, MiMi Gardens, World Marathon, and anything ethnic that packs a punch!

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