Growler Pawsonality: Lynda S.

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Salivating for more tidbits about the people behind the growl?
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Lynda S.

Lynda S.

Growler Pawsonality

Lynda S. is an easygoing Growlita who enjoys good company and great food. She dabbles a bit in cooking and baking herself. Her emphasis is, “presentation is everything” – after all, if it doesn’t look good, how will it taste? Lynda appreciates various spices and spiciness in her food, and feels that a little “kick” is a good thing. In a venue Lynda looks for a clean, nicely decorated place that reflects the venue’s emphasis. The service must be friendly and sensitive to the Growlitas’ requests. The food must be authentic and fresh, and organic is preferred. Dessert and a good hot cup of tea will conclude a pleasurable dining experience for Lynda.

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