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Lynne R.

Lynne R.

Growler Pawsonality

Lynne R. is a self-confessed food snob. She loves food, any food… as long as it is done well. A fabulous hamburger is a thing of beauty to Lynne… but it has to be a FABULOUS hamburger! Lynne loves big bold tastes and combinations that make your mouth sing. Food has a huge effect on her happiness scale, and wonderful food sends her places – great places! Lynne likes nice décor, but it is not a deciding factor for her. She believes that good service definitely enhances the experience, and an enthusiastic server can really set the tone. She has never been all that impressed with chain restaurants, and feels that they are OK but predictable – the food might be good, but never GREAT! Lynne R.’s favourite place to eat in Windsor – a tasting bar called Three – has since been torn down. She likes a few of the restaurants on Erie Street, although finds some of them overpriced. She has enjoyed dining at Fratelli in Tecumseh.

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  • Sylvia V February 16, 2013, 6:06 am

    Love getting to know you, Lynne!
    We need to add Fratelli to the list!


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