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Sylvia V.

Jose’s Bar and Grill

By Sylvia V.

Lisa L.‘s birthday lunch on February 13, 2013 was an impromptu affair. We were all excited to be able to meet at the spur of the moment for a celebratory occasion, and were poised to have a great time as usual.

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Lisa L. suggested Jose’s Bar and Grill at 2731 Howard Avenue because she knew about their renovations. It was a great central location for all of us.

The décor was indeed a visual feast. Ultra modern, sleek, dark woods, rich fabrics, textured walls, metal accents, high ceilings, low lighting. It would be a comfortable, trendy spot to spend an evening with a large group of friends. It is a spacious place with several seating areas to cut down on the noise. Everything looked new and spotless.

I found myself distracted from the conversation to take in all of the gorgeous, chic details, including the bathroom. We were seated at a raised, circular booth which I thought was nice and intimate; however, some of the girls found it a bit tricky/treacherous to get in and out of.

Beefburger --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisThe presentation of the food was colourful and contemporary. My Greek salad was fresh and tasty, but the escargots were rubbery and covered in melted cheddar cheese (odd).

Lisa L. and Lynne R. commented that their beef burgers were satisfying but lacking in flavor/moisture and their fries were ho-hum. Lisa M. seemed to enjoy her salad.

The service was professional and efficient. Our waitress was attentive and friendly. My escargot came a little later than my salad, but she brought us a free bowl of Cool Whip for dessert upon my request! The lunch fare was fair.

prawnsaladJust as we were leaving, the delicious smell of caramelized onions wafted around us, leaving me wanting to explore the menu more carefully. I’d be willing to go back to try dinner to see if the food was better and to sample a cocktail from the bar.

The girls who ordered a daily special were happily surprised when their cheques arrived. I ordered an appetizer, side salad, and cappuccino (from the dinner menu), so my bill was high for lunch (understandably).

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Comments from fellow Growlers
Lisa M. said: “I ordered the chilled salmon and prawn salad and found it fresh and tasty, huge and filling. I’d definitely go back and try other items on their menu.”

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  • Lisa February 19, 2013, 7:18 pm

    I wholeheartedly agree Sylvia! You summed it up well!


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